Stephens County, Oklahoma

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Bill and Lavena Monsey photo

LAVENA MONSEY and W.E. "BILL" MONSEY. Mr. Monsey first taught at Willow Springs, OK in a two room school house (Mrs. Monsey taught in the second classroom), and later became Superintendent of Schools in Loco, OK. He then served between 1942 and '47 as Stephens County School Superintendent. While county superintendent, Mr. Monsey was instrumental in consolidating the rural Burris and Doyle school districts and the Velma and Alma school districts. Following his tenure as county superintendent, Mr. Monsey was principal of Irving Elementary School in Duncan. When the district built its 4th elementary school, Mark Twain, Mr. Monsey served as principal of both Irving and Mark Twain. In 1968, he retired from teaching and administration after 31 years of service. 


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