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Class photo of Hopewell School Seniors, 1908

This a photo of the 1908 Hopewell School Senior Class.

Back in 1908, the man, who probably is the oldest living Stephens
County school teacher, posed with the senior class of Hopewell School,
which was about 3 miles west of Duncan. James "Jim" Hollingsworth
retired from teaching and did live at Lake Humphreys is standing in
the rear, Mrs. L. B. Hoskins then Bessie Lyle, second from left top
row identified the seniors in the picture furnished by
Hollingsworth's sister, Mrs. Helen [Hollingsworth] Butler of Duncan.

In the top row from left: Beulah [Williams] Alen, Mrs. Hoskins.
Minnie [Williams] Allen, Lela [Williams] Clarkson and Ola [Williams]

Bottom row second from left is Ellis Cloud, John Cloud, others not
identified. Ellis and John were brothers.

My cousin gave me a copy of the original picture back in the early
1980's and at that time he said that the girl on the right was my
mother, Alma Barbara Summers. My dad is Ellis Cloud.

Perhaps someone will see the picture and have more ID's.

Photo courtesy of Aubrey G. Cloud <>

Please email Aubry if you know any more information about the individuals in this picture.



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