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A Killing at Duncan


At Duncan, about two o’clock p. m., on Wednesday, Nov. 15, occured the first killing that ever took place in that town.

Jessie West killed Andy Pickett. West and Pickett had been hunting for each other all the forenoon and about fifteen minutes of two o’clock West called upon U. S. Commissioner Lieutwiler, to protect him, (West), that he expected Pickett would kill him if he had a chance. West went into the store of Wall & Fowler, while Com. Lieutwiler was on the watch for Pickett. About this time Pickett came in front of the store and the commissioner advised him to give up his Winchester. Just then West appeared at the store front and Pickett aimed his Winchester at West but from some cause it failed to fire. Quick as lightning West drew his pistol and fired at Pickett, advancing on him at the same time. Lieutwiler caught the pistol but was pushed aside and wrenching his pistol away fired four shots at Pickett, on shot striking the left arm breaking the bones above and below the elbow, another entering about an inch from the navel. The other shots went wild. Pickett retreated behind a wagon when he deliberately fired at West, but his gun failed to fire. He sank to the ground from pain and loss of blood, yet while lying there he again drew a bead on West but his gun still refused to work. He was then taken to a drug store and cared for, but died the next morning at four o’clock. When told he could not live he said: “I will yet live long enough to kill five or six more men.”

His old father came and bought a coffin and took his son away for burial.

The readers of the Express will remember that Andy Pickett, last spring; near Bear creek, I. T. killed in cold blood the brother of West, and his trial was to have taken place this month at Paris.

As soon as West had got in his work the threw his revolver on some sacks of potatoes and went into a restaurant, where he was arrested and charged with murder and committed to the Paris jail without bail.

The first shot went close enough to Lieutwiler to burn his hair and whiskers.

Pickett and West have each killed their two men.

This is the first murder to occur in the town of Duncan, and the people regret it very much although neither were citizens of the place.

Our informant is Mr. Max Hungerford who was an eyewitness to the transaction.

The Chickasha Express, Chickasha, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, ; Vol. 2 No. 25; Nov. 17, 1893




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